Saving on home renovations is smart. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to make poor choices concerning renovations when getting ready to sell, which is partially due to the disconnect between buyers and sellers.

Instead of getting returns on renovations, homeowners often lose money. To prevent this from happening to you or your clients, remember one thing: inexpensive renovations tend to offer the highest returns.

Here are five inexpensive home renovations that return the most:

A fresh coat of paint

Tastes have changed in the past 10 years. Dark shades of paint are out, with most homebuyers committed to clean shades of neutral on their new walls. When sellers want to increase interest in their home and boost their sale price quickly, repainting their walls white is often the fastest, cheapest way to do it. If you plan on hosting an open house soon and only have time for a single home project, a fresh coat of paint is often the best choice.

Dark stained wood floors

When it comes to wood flooring, dark finishes tend to resonate more with buyers. McLaughlin isn’t saying sellers should replace their hardwood flooring; that would be way too expensive to generate a return reliably. What she is suggesting is staining and refinishing current wood floors for a darker look with more modern appeal.

New carpeting

There are situations where replacing materials makes more sense than attempting to refurbish them. When a home has old dirty carpeting, for instance, deep cleanings often aren’t enough for buyers. Ripping out and replacing carpeting is typically a straightforward job; it’s also a relatively inexpensive one.

Repainted cabinets with new hardware

It seems like just yesterday wooden kitchen cabinets were all the rage. Now, most buyers want something more stylish. In most cases, it’s not necessary (or advisable) to spend $20,000-$30,000 on a kitchen remodel before putting a home on the market. Updating kitchen cabinetry with a coat of white paint and new hardware is often all it takes to get a kitchen ready for buyers’ eyes.

Updated light fixtures

Another great way to boost the sale price on a home is to install better light fixtures. Like the other renovations on this list, this is a cheap, easy project that’s almost always guaranteed to generate a decent return. Even wiring and installing new lighting is fairly affordable, which is great for brightening up homes that have poor natural lighting.

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*Article written by Pat Hiban, Real Estate Agent & Broker
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